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When it comes to heating your home, you have several options for fuel and equipment. One great option is a gas fireplace. Here are some benefits to consider for installing a gas fireplace in your home.

Constant Heat

A gas fireplace provides a constant heat source, one of its best features. Unlike a wood fireplace, you don’t have to worry about your fire going out and rebuilding it. Unlike a furnace, you don’t have to wait for it to get cold and kick on. You can ignite a gas fireplace for a steady source of warmth to keep your home and family cozy whenever you feel a chill.

Low Maintenance

A gas fireplace is lower maintenance than a wood burning fireplace. It is simple to turn on and doesn’t take long to heat up. Wood-burning fireplaces require a lot of attention – from having dry, cut hardwood on hand, storing the wood and carrying in the wood to the fireplace. And once the fire is built, it takes care and attention to maintain the fire. After the fire is extinguished, care must be given to clearing out the ashes. With a gas burning fireplace, you simply turn it on and relax. There’s no mess, no ash, and wood to bring in from outdoors.

Lower Insurance Rates

It is not uncommon for insurance companies to require a separate policy for wood-burning fireplaces. Some policies are excluding coverage for damage caused by them. With a gas fireplace, you can have the warmth of a fireplace and save money on your homeowners policy.

No Worry About Allergies

If someone living in your home suffers from allergies, the byproducts of a wood-burning fireplace can present a health challenge. With a gas fireplace, this isn’t even an issue. This means less aggravation for the allergy sufferer and better overall health for your family.

Efficient Heating

A gas fireplace heats more efficiently than a wood-burning fireplace. Newer models of gas fireplaces allow for zoned heating, where you can only heat one room, or several, depending on your needs. Because a wood fireplace is open, heat escapes through the chimney. A gas fireplace is more efficient with little loss of heat through its chimney.

Safety First

Safety is always a key concern. House fires are always a risk in homes with wood fireplaces. A gas fireplace doesn’t pose as many risks because there are no sparks, no hot ashes, and no opening the door when the fire is started.

Wolfschmidt Plumbing, Heating & Cooling can help you convert from wood to gas or provide you with gas fireplace installation. If you have any questions about more of the benefits of gas fireplaces, or any other home heating concerns, call or contact us today.

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