Handicap Bathroom Design

Wolfschmidt Home Services has been creating handicap bathrooms since 1936. Our fully trained Handicap Design Technician has been designing handicap bathrooms that offer ease and comfort for all bathroom functions.

  • Hands free Touchless® toilet flush
  • Hands free Touchless® toilet seat
  • Hands free Touchless® faucets
  • Hands free hand drying
  • Hands free light switches
  • Non scalding faucet adjustments
  • Hands free fan switch
  • And many more bathroom fixtures that help the handicapped individual continue to live a normal lifestyle
We specialize in:
  • Conforming to all ADA Compliance Standards
  • Complete redesign of existing bathroom or recreate a new bathroom in the home
  • Zero threshold showers
  • Handicap bar installations
  • Re-configure 1st level floor plan
  • Walk-In bath tubs with spa features
  • Right Height® sinks
  • ADA toilets
  • And much more…


  • Call Today. Live Technician On-Call 24/7 – 800-658-8611

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