Gas Fireplace Installation

Wolfschmidt Plumbing, Heating and Cooling offers a wide range of gas fireplaces that can replace your old drafty fireplace and improve your heating efficiency, resulting in a warmer home. You can choose from many different designs that will enhance your old masonry fireplace. Wolfschmidt has highly trained and skilled technicians that will install your beautiful new gas fireplace.

Negatives of a Wood Burning fireplace:

  • Requires constant supervision of flames and embers
  • Requires constant supply of messy and costly firewood
  • Requires extensive clean-up
  • Requires costly chimney cleaning
  • Most heat escapes out of chimney with wood burning

Benefits of a Gas Fireplace:

  • Never have to buy firewood
  • Energy-efficient: save up to 25% on your energy bill
  • Safe: no sparks or changes due to wood rolling
  • Allows for zone heating, keeping the most often-used room warm without heating entire house
  • Inexpensive installation
  • Cleaner: no wood, no bark, no ashes
  • Constant heat
  • Vent-free options available

Wolfschmidt highly recommends changing your wood burning fireplace to a clean and safe natural gas fireplace.

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