Drain Cleaning & Repair

drainWolfschmidt has spent over 80 years cleaning stubborn clogs in everything from kitchen and bathroom sinks to washing machines and dishwashers – and everything in between!

We specialize in all drain cleanouts. We also provide a “frozen pipe repair service”. With our state-of-the-art drain cleaning equipment, there is no clog too big for us.

Why Wolfschmidt?

  • Decades of experience cleaning all types of drains, resulting in the job being done quickly and affordably
  • 24/7 Emergency Team on call – even holidays
  • “ State of Art” drain cleaning equipment
  • Full access to heavy equipment if needed for large jobs – backhoe, bull dozer, etc.
  • Follow-up customer satisfaction survey within 24 hours

Stop overpaying for clearing your drain.


  • Call Today. Live Technician On-Call 24/7 – 800-658-8611

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